Where Have I Been? Plus My First Ever Video


So the blog has been stagnant for almost four months now, thought I'd drop in and explain why.

The main reason: I completely underestimated how busy I would be!

If you've read any of my earlier posts then you'd know that around the time the site went quiet is when I set sail for China.

China has been kicking my butt, in a number of ways actually.

Sadly, my relationship ended with my girlfriend in the first month I arrived here. That was a pretty big deal and I was even contemplating ​returning to the UK, as she was in fact one of the main reasons I came.

My passion to learn Chinese however is what kept me here (plus I really didn't fancy a 20 hour plus journey home so soon), so I decided to tough it out.​

Due to the above my motivation took a bit of a hit as well. Pile on the fact my classes here go from 7.30am to 11.30am, then I have to quickly eat lunch and be back to my room where I work online until 8pm, you can see why levelupchinese hasn't been touched.

My health has been ok at least, except for a couple of colds and a bed-binding virus. I've lost weight somehow, perhaps due to my fussy eating habits, and I've eaten McDonald's more often than I ever did in the UK (not proud of this).

This is turning into a moan-about-life post, though it's really not. I'm actually very happy with the position I'm in right now and looking forward to a nice long summer holiday. China has its imperfections but where doesn't?​ I just wanted to get my excuses out of the way as to why I took this hiatus.

What am I doing now?

I'm saving it for a more beefier article but I'll just say that I'm finding the classes I take really not suited to my learning style, so....​

After being inspired by this great post over at Chinese-Forums, I have started looking for private tutors to ​get my spoken Chinese back on the right track. I'll be sure to write up or make a video about how that goes.

I finally gave it a go and released something. I'm quick to say at the start of it that I'm not used to being on camera so please go easy on me.

I've decided making regular videos like this will be a good w​ay to force me to think more in Chinese and it gives me a more purposeful reason to be speaking out loud to myself.

Also, wouldn't it be fantastic for me to have my speaking progress documented in video form, which could then maybe give a few people some motivation as well.

Though let's be honest I should have prepared just a little bit more on this one, this isn't going to be motivating anyone!

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