Speaking Practice Video Write up with Corrections

I recently created a short video where I practiced speaking Chinese off the top of my head. Check it out below!

I did this as a way to get some solid speaking practice in as opposed to just using Chinese as a necessity to get by. As I mention in the video, I find my day to day Chinese is all very repetitive unless I go out of my way to strike up conversations on arbitrary topics, therefore I’m not getting anywhere near enough time in to help my speaking ability develop.

Picking a subject (in my case summer holiday plans) and then recording myself definitely seems like a good strategy for recalling words and sentence structures I wouldn’t normally use in shorter exchanges with native speakers.

I shared my video on the language exchange app Hello Talk in order to get some feedback and was fortunate enough to get some corrections and suggestions. I’ll add them here in order of appearance for ease.


In the video (0:51): 因為是我每天…我天天用中文差不多一樣

Correct:  因為每天用的中文都差不多


In the video (0:59): 我每天去買咖啡在樓下的全家…在樓下的全家去買咖啡

Correct:  每天去樓下的全家買咖啡


In the video (1:24): 今天我要說關於我的夏天的計劃

Correct:  今天我要說我夏天的計劃


In the video (2:16): 我們去別的地方

Correct:  也會去別的地方 OR  還有我們去別的地方


In the video (3:06): 那些天是我最期待

Correct:  那幾天是我最期待


In the video (3:13): 味道不是很地道

Correct:  味道不是很地道


That’s all the feedback I have received for now, hopefully I will get some more corrections over time as I’m sure there are a few more mistakes in there. Please add a comment if you spot one yourself in the video, would be much appreciated!


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