I’m still here! Writing to you from Taiwan

Hello fellow Chinese learners!

My last post on here was back in August 2015, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that this blog was well and truly dead.

My time in China came to an end not long after that summer, and then I was back in the UK for a couple of months planning my move to Taiwan, during that time the blog took a backseat as far as my priorities went and then as so often is the case life just got in the way.

The aforementioned move went pretty smoothly and the adjustment period was much less challenging in comparison to my arrival in China. Having a better grasp of the language, and perhaps most significantly coming to a more developed city that’s no stranger to accommodating foreigners was refreshing and I soon felt at home here.

I’ve now been here for more than a year and have very little regrets, except maybe that I should have spent more time hitting the books to improve my Mandarin, as I feel I’m at a tough plateau that’s in desperate need of overcoming (you can judge for yourself if my Chinese has improved when I create some videos in the near future).

When you walk the streets in Taipei as a Chinese learner and hear Mandarin being spoken by literally every single person it’s such a great feeling, and a stark contrast to being in Hainan where I could be out all day and not eavesdrop on a single conversation that wasn’t in the Hainan dialect. Though I have not yet visited Beijing, I’d wager Taipei is definitely one of the best places for those seeking full immersion in Chinese.

Anyway I just wanted to throw this up as an announcement that I’m back to blogging, I will not only document and talk about my experiences learning Chinese, but also aspects of life in Taiwan and even the odd travel video (my excuse to treat myself to a GoPro, someone please hold me accountable to this!)

Taken during my first week here in Taipei


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